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Conference Venue

Plenary Sessions
University of Athens
Central Building
Panepistimiou 30
Athens 10679, Greece

Parallel Sessions
1st Unified Experimental Lyceum of Athens
15 Ipitou street
Athens 10557, Greece

The University of Athens Central Building is located in the center of Athens – across the road from the central bus station and very close to all museums and the Acropolis (which is about a 10-15 minute walk).

Please click here to view a map with all the relevant information.


Data projectors will be provided in all of the parallel session rooms. However, you must supply your own laptop for your presentation. In addition, if you are a Mac user, you will need to bring a VGA Mac connector.

Travel to the Conference

Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos

The regular taxi queue will start from Door 4 of the Arrivals Level and extend up to Door 1. A taxi should cost you about 25 Euro to the center. There are a couple problems with hailing a street taxi from the airport. Most of the time you will have a great driver and no problems. But some of the taxi drivers take advantage of people arriving in Greece who don’t know their way around or the local currency. They may over-charge you or they may take you to a hotel they get a commission from. It is luck of the draw and when you stand in line, whatever taxi you get when it is your turn, you have to take.

If you take a taxi to your hotel from the airport please follow the following instructions (cabbies have been known to take advantage of unsuspecting tourists and overcharge them):

  • Make sure that the taxi driver turns his “Meter” on from the moment you begin your ride to your hotel. Do not make “a deal” with the taxi driver. The cab fare is not negotiable and any agreement you might make with him is going to be to your disadvantage.
  • Look at the meter and make sure that it is running at the normal speed. You can determine this by looking for the number “1” or the number “2” in one of the 4 corners of the meter’s face. If you see the number 1 then it is correct. If you see the number 2 then it is running at double the normal rate. (The double rate is only applied when you use a taxi after the hour of 12 midnight or if you take the taxi for a trip far outside the Athens city limits which does not apply to the new airport).
  • There is an additional charge for every suitcase you load into the taxi’s trunk which is added to the total indicated by the meter.
  • You can tip the driver (if you want to) at a rate of 10 - 20% at your own discretion.

The Athens metro connection between Veniselos airport and downtown Athens will be closed from 15 February to 31 October 2009 due to ongoing expansion work. Please visit here for further details.

Suburban Train
Athens International Airport is connected via the Proastiakos-Suburban Railway to Larissis Station (Athens Central Railway Station) with stops at Koropi, Kantza, Pallini, Doukissis Plakentias (connection with Metro Line 3), Kifisias, Nerantziotisa (connection with Metro Line 1), Iraklio, Aharnes Railway Junction (S.K.A) and Larissis Station (connection with Metro Line 2 and trains to Northern Greece). Trains depart from the Airport every 15 minutes. The journey time from Athens International Airport to Larissis Station is approximately 38 minutes. The first train from Athens to the Airport is at 06:06am and the last one is at 19:36. The first train from the airport to Athens is at 06:48 and the last one is at 20:14.

There are several bus lines to and from the airport. All buses depart from the designated area on the inner curbside of the arrivals level of the Main Terminal Building right outside the Exit (doors 4-5). X95 Syntagma Square - Airport Express has its departure point at the center of Athens (Syntagma Square across the park from the Grande Bretagne) and via Vas. Sofias Avenue, Mesogion Avenue and Attiki Odos terminates at the airport. The bus picks up every 10-30 minutes, 24 hours a day.


The unit of currency in Greece is the Euro.


The average temperature in Athens in July ranges from 22°C (72°F) to 32°C (90°F).

For all inquiries please email the Conference organisers, Common Ground, by clicking this link.